TripAdvisor have refreshed their website and mobile platforms, have you noticed? They have claimed that they have created the world’s first ever ‘travel feed’.

Their motto is ‘Know better. Book better. Go better’.

Reviews are still as important as ever 
– Good reviews are better than poor reviews
– Recent reviews are given more weight than older reviews
– More reviews help build confidence faster

However, it’s no longer just a review platform (although the 661 million reviews and opinions still remain). TripAdvisor now hosts content from major publishers such as National Geographic and has a ‘Facebook-esque’ style. It’s more personalised than ever before and aims to connect the travel community worldwide.

Chris Thorman, vice-president of community products and growth at National Geographic, has said: “We’re excited to be among the first publishers to join the new TripAdvisor, further expanding our travel footprint. As a global media company, we’re always seeking new opportunities to share our awe-inspiring articles, photos and video content, and a partnership with TripAdvisor allows us to do just that.”

A number of our clients use TripAdvisor as part of their marketing and communications strategy so we wanted to highlight some of the latest changes.

Connecting the travel community
Travellers have a profile and are able to follow and connect with individuals or content creators to share their interests and travel plans. If you’re already a TripAdvisor user, your account information will not have changed, and you will still receive all the newsletters you’re currently signed up for. Any contributions you’ve made to TripAdvisor will be there too, just as uncensored and honest as you remember them.

Traveller Lists and Articles
Bringing you the best advice from real travellers on things to see, do, eat and go out of your way for. Prior to the trip, members can create itineraries or create bucket lists of things to do while travelling. Post-trip they can share their best bits and tips on where to stay and what to see and do based on their experience. These can be kept private or shared to inspire and help other adventurers.

You can share your thoughts with TripAdvisor here to help make TripAdvisor a better, more helpful site for you.

Our team are clued up on all that this channel has to offer your business. Whether you’re active on TripAdvisor already or want to set-up your business on the channel as a complete novice, we can help. Just drop us a line!