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Our Director Cecilia Grigor started out as a young entrepreneur and everything was new so there’s been a lot of learning while nurturing Planit Scotland as a business. More to the point, we understand the challenges and opportunities that an SME faces and can help you on your own unique business journey.

A recent study conducted by Bank of Scotland highlights that 56% of the SMEs questioned did not have their own websites and the same proportion said they did not use social media for business. Planit Scotland have the expertise to get you up and running on the social media channels that will help grow your business. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, You Tube, Pinterest…

We can help you:-

Plan your marketing strategy

Complete a business plan

Carry out market research

With day-to-day Administration

Implement social media channels

Website report/build

Understand what has got your business to where you are now

See what is involved in meeting your growth targets

Identify what aspects of your marketing are working, and which aren’t

Highlight the quick wins available that can grow your business

Identify who your target audience is

Develop a set of key messages that show your target audience why they should work with you

Structure a marketing plan of action to generate reach and engagement .

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