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Project Management

We’ll provide a project management solution that matches the task at hand. Our client-focused approach is based on our wealth of experience across projects and programs in a number of businesses so just get in touch and find out how we can best support you!

Event Management

We can offer you creative ideas, design and styling for your event. Or if you’ve already got a concept in mind and simply need help to deliver it, we can support with the preparation and operations behind the scenes. At Planit Scotland, we’ve got the local contacts and expertise to make your event a great success.


We can help your brand connect, engage and evolve. Be it online or offline, our bespoke marketing campaigns are built upon rich content and impactful copywriting that will get your message out to the right people, using the right channels, at the right time.

SME Support

Want to grow your business? We can help!

Our Director Cecilia Grigor started out as a young entrepreneur and everything was new so there’s been a lot of learning while nurturing Planit Scotland as a business. More to the point, we understand the challenges and opportunities that an SME faces and can help you on your own unique business journey.

Media & PR

You’ve got a great story that you want to share with the press or local media but don’t know how to get this in motion.

We can write your article, get photos sorted and send the story to our contacts in the press for exposure!

PA Service

By outsourcing your PA needs to Planit Scotland, you free up your time. Our cost-effective outsourced support means you can concentrate on managing and growing a successful business. When you spend every available hour working, your to-do-list can become overwhelming and it’s difficult to see the bigger picture and opportunity for growth.

Website design

Website not receiving any traffic or are you having issues with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

Google Analytics, GoogleMyBusiness, rankings, keywords. It can sometime become a muddle. An indispensable part of your online presence


print & design

Eye catching, cost effective and straight to the point, printed marketing materials and their design are a great way to get your message across directly.

They will grab your customers’ attention, boost your brand/business awareness and help you to achieve your marketing goals.

Business development

Imagine having a business development associate in your business without the big salary, bonus and expense account.

Someone that would work on an as and when basis but would represent you and your business to the highest standard

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