Set up in 2015, Burgess Bagpipes, is a modern Scottish family business who design and manufacture many types of bagpipes. Burgess, Fiona and Scott Hay, who run the business are the only Highland bagpipe makers in the region and with piping becoming more popular all over the globe they find it unbelievable that there is no place dedicated to celebrating and promoting the great Highland bagpipe within the Highlands.

Today, Burgess Bagpipes launched their campaign to establish the Highland Bagpipe Centre, located a mere 10 miles from Inverness. They envision a Centre where locals and tourists alike can visit to see how the bagpipes are made, what they sound like and how they are played. Visitors will have a fully immersive experience as the family passionately share the history, tradition and culture of Scotland’s national instrument – and they’re not alone! With support from Visit Scotland and Scotland’s youngest ever clan chief, Iain MacGillivray, it’s clear to see their enthusiasm and passion is shared.

The ‘True Sound of the Highlands’ campaign will allow Burgess Bagpipes to begin phase one of the project, where the site at Culloden will be transformed into a bagpipe centre with manufacturing and visitor experience including piping archive, museum, exhibition and shop.

The campaign will run for 21 days from today, ending Friday 14th December. There is a variety of unique rewards for different levels of support a donator would like to show. On offer are discounts off their handcrafted instruments, tuition, merchandise, whisky bottled specifically for the campaign and more!

Planit Scotland are proud to have supported the Burgess Bagpipes team with a number of services in the run up to the launch as part of a crowdfunding strategy – we wish them the best of luck! If you would like to find out more on the project or would like to donate please head to the Crowdfunding Page.

For more information and to stay up to date with their fundraising efforts head to the Burgess Bagpipes pages:
Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Website