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Email Marketing

Have we got (e)news for you!

We create newsletters that inspire your subscribers to take action.

Marketing isn’t just about reaching new people. It’s also about encouraging your current fans to stay engaged. Enter email marketing!

Email marketing – newsletters to you and me– provides a platform to speak directly with your customers or internal team, allowing you to share all your exciting (and even not-so-exciting) news directly to their inboxes.

And, with research showing that people continue to view email as their main source for receiving new updates about discounts, products, services, advice and information, email marketing is not something to be ignored.

Email Marketing

We're subscribers

We subscribe to literally hundreds of newsletters. Every day we receive dozens of marketing emails, all in the name of research. We stay on top of email marketing trends, monitoring the designs and copywriting techniques that cause customers to convert.


Email Marketing

Strategy that works for you

We’re Mailchimp certified, and have experience with a whole range of newsletter platforms. Whatever the delivery method (though we might question the use of carrier pigeons), we’ll create an email marketing strategy that works for you, designing inspiring layouts and carefully crafted copy, encouraging your subscribers to engage with your brand. 

Email Marketing

We analyse and adapt

After your newsletter is out there in the world, we’ll keep an eye on the analytics before resending it to anyone silly enough to have left it unopened in their inbox, and checking if there are any changes we can make to the structure, design or CTAs before drafting the next one. 

And, although we like to think of ourselves as your partner-in-crime, we’re fully GDPR compliant and know everything required to keep you on the right side of data protection laws.

Driving customer engagement.

Creating compelling campaigns.

Enhancing customer satisfaction.

A recipe for success

We're the Gordon Ramsay of marketing... without all the swearing!

With a dash of design, a spoonful of SEO, a cup full of copywriting and a pinch of PR, all mixed together with some marketing know-how, we can achieve big things for our clients.

When you work with Planit, you get more than just a service.

You get the ultimate hype-man, cheering you on as loud as we can; you get a partner-in-crime, as long as the crime isn’t actually a crime; you get a team that feels like an extension of you and your business – always working towards a common goal.

Like the great letter writers of the past – Ernest Hemingway, Virginia Woolf, Big Bird – we know how to connect with a recipient and get them to take action.

Wait, that’s not the right kind of letter for Sesame Street, is it? This copy was brought to you by the letters P and S.

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