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Highland BlindCraft


Highland BlindCraft

A good night’s sleep + a creative mindset = a digital marketing dream come true.

Too cheesy?

Perhaps we should have said: Highland BlindCraft + Planit Scotland = a digital marketing dream come true, because that’s exactly what it is to us!

In October 2021, when Heather McDonald, the executive manager for local charity Highland BlindCraft, came to us for assistance in creating a new digital marketing strategy, Team Planit was more than happy to help. 

Founded in 1881, Highland BlindCraft is an ethically run commercial charity, employing and supporting local people across Inverness and the Highlands. Since its early beginnings, the charity has provided training and employment to individuals living with visual impairments and other disabilities, funding this work through the manufacturing, production and selling of handcrafted mattresses, divan bed bases and bespoke headboards. 

Having always relied on traditional marketing methods, Heather and her team decided it was time to give the organisation a digital revamp that would include an overhaul of the charity’s website, social media marketing, PR and advertising campaigns.

Heather said: “When I joined Highland BlindCraft in May 2021, one of my key goals was to find a team that could help us navigate the world of digital marketing.

“With a limited online presence, we basically started from scratch. As we had two websites covering different aspects of the charity and what we do, Team Planit made this the first priority, helping us to combine them into one neat design. Once they set up this new user-friendly platform, Planit introduced online and social advertising campaigns to help generate leads and increase our visibility, as well as adding email marketing into our communications strategy to improve our customer relations.”

Within 12 months of making these changes to the Highland BlindCraft website, we were able to report a 75% increase in traffic to the website, with page sessions up by 108% and the time spent during these sessions increased to 61.77%. Better still, visitors to the website’s contact page improved by 107% – meaning more people were getting in touch and finding out more about this wonderful organisation’s work.

The Planit Scotland way

With the website up and running, the Highland BlindCraft team wanted to work on building its online and social presence further, empowering some of their own staff to learn and develop skills in these areas.

“What set Planit Scotland apart from its competitors was its enthusiasm and willingness to support our own in-house team through digital marketing training. With 77% of our members living and working with a disability, it is part of our remit as an organisation to provide training and education to support our team and give them the tools to progress in their chosen careers should they wish to leave.

“With one member employed as a digital marketing assistant, we needed to find someone who was willing to train and support her through this journey – Planit Scotland completely understood this and helped make this possible. The training included producing guides for our staff, reviewing content and giving feedback on tasks, and encouraging our team to come up with new ideas for content.”

Although Highland BlindCraft still employs an in-house sales and marketing person, Team Planit continues to work alongside the charity as an additional resource.

“Planit Scotland has been incredibly flexible, which is exactly what we need,” continued Heather.

“No matter what we ask for, the team is always quick to respond and eager to help. They really feel like part of our team, invested in what we do and helping us succeed.

“For example, the team approached us last year with the suggestion of sending out a press release during the IKEA mattress shortage. With our team at Highland BlindCraft able to create bespoke mattresses to any specification – including IKEA sizes – Planit reached out to print and online media outlets to share the incredible work we do and encourage those affected by the mattress shortage to shop local.

“Utilising the team’s diverse range of skills, we’ve seen huge results – results that are then outlined in transparent, detailed reports, allowing us to easily feedback to our directors – which is a common occurrence as a charitable organisation.

“Ultimately, Team Planit has always been there when we need them and nothing is ever too big or too small.”

It’s never too late to review your business’s marketing strategy and, at Planit Scotland, we’re always on hand to help! Contact our marketing maestros today to find out more.

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