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Creating an online presence as a business is often more difficult than people think. There are so many moving parts to consider: do you have a website? Are you running online ads? Is your messaging correct? Are you seizing the right opportunities to promote your business?

It can be difficult to keep track of these things if your company doesn’t have an in-house marketing team on hand. That’s where outsourcing comes in – and no one does it better than Planit Scotland! 

Hill-Tec Ltd reached out to us, following a negative experience with another agency, in the hope that we would get their online presence up and running. The main things they wanted to focus on were website creation and copywriting. However, we identified a number of other areas in which we could help them build a stronger marketing strategy – including brand identity, PR and advertising. 

Hill-Tec Ltd is a construction and civil engineering company based in Inverness. The firm provides a wide range of support to the building industry – including specialist services such as concrete testing and GPS mapping for groundworks. Due to their lengthy list of qualifications and years of experience, the team also offers site supervision services. They were keen to get this information out to potential clients via the creation of a brand new website.

Managing director Duncan MacPherson said: “We reached out to Planit Scotland after a bad experience with another agency. We felt that things just weren’t moving in the right direction and we weren’t getting the messaging across in the way that we hoped to. Planit were quick to set up a call with us and we got the ball rolling immediately. From that first meeting things were already looking more positive for us.”

Working marketing magic behind the scenes

Following on from that initial meeting, we sprung into action and really got to know Hill-Tec Ltd inside and out so we could bring their vision to life. 

“We went into this thinking we were just getting a nice website and some great copywriting that would help us grow our business,” said Duncan, “but instead we’ve been encouraged to look at the bigger picture. Working with Planit Scotland has led to us having a better understanding of our company – from the services we provide, to the values we hold and ethics that we have. It was entirely unexpected but we couldn’t be more grateful to Planit for helping us get to know our brand better.”

Here at Planit Scotland we consider ourselves an extension of our clients’ teams, so it was vital to us that everyone got to meet each other – and that Hill-Tec Ltd knew the reasoning behind all aspects of the work we were undertaking. 

“We liked that we had several calls and even some face-to-face meetings with the Planit Scotland team,” continued Duncan.

“It really helped us get to grips with what we could expect from them and what really goes on behind the scenes when it comes to writing copy, getting our SEO right and creating a website. Their transparency and communication made us feel really involved in the whole project so that it still felt like something we had created. 

“We’re really impressed with how much they’ve already done in just a few short months – they’ve created and launched our website, worked with us on our SEO, did all our copywriting, helped us to hone in on our messaging, set up a Google Business Profile for us, and they even got us featured in Executive Magazine.”

Within three months of launching its website, Hill-Tec received over 600 sessions from approximately 300 users – 100 of which came off the back of organic search engine results, showing the impact of Planit’s implementation of SEO content and Hill-Tec’s new business listings.

Continuing to work together

This is just the beginning when it comes to the working relationship between  Hill-Tec Ltd and Planit Scotland. The website and copy were just the tip of the iceberg – there is so much more to come.

Duncan summed up: “We are excited to be working with Planit Scotland as we develop our brand identity and deliver our message to clients throughout 2023 and beyond. Their level of communication is second to none, they’re always open to feedback, and they made me feel completely at ease when sharing my design ideas with them.

“I highly recommend getting in touch with them if you’re on the lookout for help with any marketing-related task. They helped us completely re-evaluate the way we look at our business and opened our eyes up to so many new possibilities. The value in the service they provide is unbelievable – you would be crazy not to take them up on it.”

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