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A Month of Marketing

My first month as a marketing intern here at Planit Scotland has passed by so quickly, but I can safely say I’ve learned so much from it. 

Becoming part of the team

I was nervous – but most of all excited – to get the chance to work with a group of like-minded people and develop my marketing skills in a team environment. While working solo in the past, I have always known what my comfort zones were and never strayed too far from them – that changed when I joined Planit Scotland!

Both my team lead Eoin, and my managing director Cecilia, have encouraged me to try my hand at new things and speak up about any ideas I have. I now feel a lot more confident in my abilities, I am more open to accepting new opportunities and participating in new experiences, and I feel supported every single day by my co-workers.

This has really helped make the process of settling into my new role much easier and more enjoyable. As has setting up my very own email signature, and having my face (and my pawfect pal) included on the Planit Scotland website! I had never had an email signature before, so that was a very small but very exciting feature of the job for me. It instantly made me feel like I was ‘officially’ part of the dream team.

Having both my picture (and my beloved pet’s) turned into a drawing for the website was also a really great moment for me. My friends and family were extremely proud to see my face on their screens when I sent them the link. I was also extremely proud to have my face up there amongst some of the very best in the biz! 

What I’ve learned this past month

During the past month I have read up on all things LinkedIn, been given a crash course in SEO, gained new WordPress skills and had free reign to develop my video editing and design skills further whenever the opportunity arises. It has been a busy month but it has enabled me to grow both professionally and personally. 

During December I learned to:

  • Structure a more in-depth content marketing planner 
  • Use Elementor and Divi to edit WordPress themes and sites
  • Create a content matrix to better understand what types of content a client needs and uses
  • Draft up a USP document to define a client’s tone of voice and key messages, and learned the importance of having one
  • Use LinkedIn better – I learned the difference between posts and articles
  • Drafted up some witty web copy to wow our clients
  • Display some disco worthy dance moves on our Christmas meet up!
  • Understand a bit more about how SEO works and the importance of meta details
  • Make new connections at the Business Network Scotland event
  • Use a Macbook – gone were my HP days as I became familiar with Planit Scotland’s most used equipment!
  • Optimise a WordPress site for mobile
  • Schedule tasks, log my time and record as I go
  • Share my personal wins and appreciate both myself and my abilities more 
  • Ask for guidance – one of the negatives of solo working in the past is that I will often try to find solutions on my own. I have learned in this past month that my team is always on hand to help me and it is perfectly fine to ask for help.

Over the past 4-5 weeks I have had the opportunity to aid some of our newest clients in their copywriting and website development. Hearing that they have all been happy with the work I am producing for them is so encouraging. I am so thankful that the team here at Planit Scotland are such advocates for developing both new and existing skills.

My three takeaways from my first month

I went back and forth on my three takeaways from the month for quite a while as they felt too focussed on me and my experience. It wasn’t until I applied them from a marketing perspective that I realised they actually work for anyone – whether you’re a business owner, a marketing agency employee, or a freelancer. 

My three takeaways from my time at Planit Scotland so far would have to be:

  1. Don’t be afraid to use your voice – This can be both in person and online! Share any and all ideas, ask questions, provide insight, push back if you feel strongly about something. Imposter syndrome eats away at all of us at some point, but you are where you are for a reason and you do know what you’re talking about. Share your knowledge because there will always be someone who wants to hear it. (Learning this in my first month is actually what encouraged me to post on LinkedIn more. So when I saw the #PLMLinkedInChallenge I decided to use my voice!)
  2. Embrace creativity – Marketing is constantly evolving, particularly in terms of social media. So don’t try to fit your creative mind into a box; instead let it roam, let it be innovative and use that creativity to ensure your clients are keeping up with their community and any new social media updates.
  3. Talk to your team – In the past I have been guilty of trying to take on too much alone. I often think that asking for help might make people think I’m less capable, but I need to keep reminding myself I am here because I do know what I am doing and I have proven that. I haven’t just stumbled into it! So please do take the time to thank those you work with and embrace any help that they offer to you.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first month and cannot wait to see what exciting clients, creative opportunities and other experiences January brings me!

If you need expert support to help your business become the best version of itself, #JustAskPlanit

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